Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 3

Okay...I hope I made my final trip to Wal-mart for the week!!!  The lines today were unreal.  Why do I go there when it's hot and I'm hungry?  I needed another curtain rod to make the red curtains I got stop glowing in my room and into the hallway.  It's a little overwhelming.  Hopefully the tiebacks and the sheer curtain will do the trick.  I think my favorite color shouldn't be used for certain things.  Now, the curtains are not a bilious red, just a blue red leaning towards burgundy.  I had to make a stop at Michael's too, because I had my coupon with me.  I got some Martha Stewart glitter.  It's soooo pretty!  Seriously, I have to close the bank on my room and my habit for awhile.  I want so many Cricut cartridges, but I'll never be able to afford anymore unless I stop buying and start working...he-he-he!  A nice four-day weekend should do the trick!  Photos forthcoming before the weekend is over!

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